Shearsby Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2021

Ended on the 5 September 2021

9.0 Opportunities for Enhancement

9.1 Shearsby conservation area is generally well cared for. The grass verges on Back Lane, the areas around the benches on Mill Lane and at the rear of the garages on Welford Road and the Green at the heart of the village are all well maintained. They provide pleasant environments in which to sit, and contribute to the rural tranquillity and proximity to nature that is characteristic of Shearsby. A similar level of respect for the conservation area is evident in the individual properties which are generally in good order. Boundary treatments, the planting or trees, shrubs and flowers in gardens, on the sides of properties or in hanging baskets all contribute to quality of the conservation area.

9.2 Within the conservation area boundary there is opportunity to further enhance the conservation area. The twentieth century properties on Welford Road have a more suburban feel and the garages at the end of the cul-de-sac would benefit from improved floorscape. The introduction of some planting could soften the impact of the garage area and bring it more in line with the green character of the conservation area.

Garages at the end of Welford Road

Garages at the end of Welford Road

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