Planning Obligations SPD 2020

Ended on the 5th February 2021
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10.1 New major development will be required to provide for sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) as outlined in policy CC4 - Sustainable drainage, of the Local Plan. Paragraph 165 of the NPPF indicates that major developments should incorporate Sustainable drainage (SuDs) unless there is clear evidence that it would be inappropriate.

10.2 Leicestershire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and will be consulted on planning applications as the statutory consultee for SUDs schemes in Harborough District.

10.3 The County Council will provide advice on which the District Council as Local Planning Authority (LPA) has to act. The County Council will prepare appropriate planning conditions in its role as Lead Local Flood Authority for the LPA to attach to planning permissions. Planning obligations will be necessary to ensure delivery of the drainage systems if delivered off- site.

10.4 The District Council will ensure planning conditions are in place and can be legally upheld for ongoing maintenance, inspection, implementation and enforcement of sustainable urban drainage systems, where appropriate.

10.5 The principle of SUDs is to slow the flow of water from a site retaining rainfall in the various SUDs facilities across a site. A SUDs should be designed with the hydrology of the site. Minor develops should address the opportunity for SUDs in the design and access statement accompanying a planning application.

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