Planning Obligations SPD 2020

Ended on the 5th February 2021
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8.1 One of the principal demands on a growing community is the need to provide new high quality healthcare facilities. Alternatively, existing provision may require additional facilities, extensions or alterations. Where a development would produce extra demand on the local healthcare provision beyond the capacity of existing provision, planning obligations may be sought to meet the needs arising and make the development acceptable.

8.2 The District Council supports the need to ensure that local health care provision meets the needs of household growth in the District. The Council will consult NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups on future development plans to help assess long term health planning. The Council will consult these agencies on planning applications submitted which involve developments of 11 dwellings or over to determine if a contribution to health provision is justified based on the existing capacity of healthcare infrastructure in the specific area within which a development is proposed. In larger development projects, the opportunity presented to provide land for medical facilities should be examined.

Level of Contribution

8.3 Details of advice on Health Care provision and any need for additional facilities can be obtained by contacting NHS England / Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Spending of contributions

8.4 Contributions will be paid to NHS England / Clinical Commissioning Groups who will provide a report on request to the District Council to determine how funding has been allocated, to enable the Council to monitor how contributions have been utilised.

Question 8

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