Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031, Proposed Submission

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Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031, Proposed Submission

GI3 1c.

Representation ID: 6158

Received: 02/11/2017

Respondent: John Martin & Associates

Agent: John Martin & Associates

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Yes

Representation Summary:

Without the agreement of the landowners the proposed allocation is not deliverable.

No evidence has been provided to confirm which other sites have been assessed or how consideration as to the future uses for the balance of the site area or proximity to the gas governor station have been taken into account in determining the proposed allocation

Full text:

The following representation is submitted on behalf of the Amos Family who are the owners of land to the east of Harborough Road (B6047) to the north of Market Harborough, which is subject to the proposed allocation for a new cemetery - Policy G13c.
Our client acknowledges that the Harborough Cemetery & Burial Strategy 2016 identifies at paragraph 12.2.1 of that document that there is a shortage of burial capacity toward the south of the District around Market Harborough and that additional provision therefore has to be considered.
The identified shortage of burial space around the Market Harborough area is not contested by our client, how the District Council intends to address that shortage through the local plan is the main point of our client objection.
The 2016 Strategy confirms at paragraph 13.3.3 that there are clear opportunities to secure land for such provision through stipulation of a requirement in the local plan linked to housing delivery on strategic sites. In the case of Policy G13c there appears to be no such link identified. Whilst financial contributions can potentially be sought from new development toward the provision of additional burial space through the mechanisms of CIL/S106 agreements, provision of the additional burial space is reliant upon the availability of the land on which the cemetery is to be provided. In this regard no approaches either on a formal or informal basis has been made to our client as to the availability of the land now subject of the proposed allocation.
In this regard the Submission Local Plan is not sound as it is not effective given that our client strongly objects to the proposed allocation of their land and therefore this element of the local plan is not considered to be deliverable.
Further the burial strategy at paragraph 16.1.1 confirms that in order to ensure that the required burial/ cremation space is provided within the Plan period, we recommend HDC undertake specific site assessments where this strategy has identified a requirement for additional capacity.
It is noted that the Report to the meeting of the District Council Scrutiny Panel 6th July 2017 stated that site assessments completed in June 2017 have indicated a preferred site, this being the land to the east of Harborough Road. However there is no evidence publicly available to identify which other sites were assessed as part of that site assessment process or on what basis the land to the east of Harborough Road was identified as the preferred site.
The location of the proposed allocation Policy G13c does not take into consideration the impact on the balance of the land to the east and located within the boundaries formed by the Grand Union Canal to the south and Leicester Lane to the north. The proposed burial site is identified as being located immediately adjacent to the existing roundabout of Harborough Road, and as such access to the balance of the land would be restricted placing severe constraint on the potential future uses for the balance of the land.
In addition the location of the proposed allocation for the burial site appears to take no account of the gas governor station which is situated on the land immediately to the north. There is understood to be an exclusion zone around the gas governor site which it is considered would potentially impact upon the proposed allocation site.
In the absence of the evidence on which the site assessment was completed and that consideration has not been given to the access and use of the balance of land to the east together with the potential impact of the adjacent gas governor station the Local Plan is not sound as the plan is not justified.

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