Consultation draft Statement of Community Involvement

Ended on the 21st November 2014
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(1) Appendix B: Glossary

AMR - Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report will monitor and assess the implementation of the Local Development Scheme and whether Local Plan Policies are being achieved. The AMR will review plan progress against targets and milestones and seek reasons if they are not being met. The Sustainability Appraisal will have specific monitoring requirements and will be useful in developing AMR contextual indicators.

CIL – Community Infrastructure Levy

A charge which aims to ensure that costs incurred in providing infrastructure to support the development of an area are partly met by land owners who have benefited from the increase in land value when planning permission is granted.

Development Plan

A document or set of documents that set out the Council’s policies and proposals for the development and use of land in the District. The Development Plan is subject to an Examination in Public by a Government appointed Planning Inspector. All future planning decisions are then to be in compliance with the development plan.

DPD - Development Plan Documents

These documents will be statutory documents and subject to an independent examination by an inspector. They will undergo rigorous procedures of community involvement and consultation. The recommendations of the examination Inspector will be binding.

Evidence Base

The information and data gathered by local authorities, including physical, economic, and social characteristics of an area. This information is used to inform the preparation of development plan documents and other planning policies.

LDS - Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme will set out the timetable, targets and milestones for the preparation of development plan documents (such as the Local Plan).

HMA – Housing Market Area

The Housing Market Area is defined by different factors such as migration and travel to work patterns, and variations in house prices and geographically based on areas defined by household demand and preferences for housing. The Leicestershire HMA is the administrative area covered by Leicester City Council and the District and Borough Councils in Leicestershire (Harborough District Council, Blaby District Council, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, North West Leicestershire District Council, Charnwood Borough Council, Melton Borough Council and Oadby & Wigston Borough Council).

SA - Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal assesses the social, economic and environmental impacts of the policies and proposals of the Local Plan. It is an iterative process that will commence from the outset of document preparation.

SCI - Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement is the local authority's strategy on community and stakeholder consultations on the Local Plan and planning applications.

SPD - Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary planning documents will elaborate on policies and proposals in DPDs. They will not have development plan status. They will be considered as a material planning consideration and their weight will be reflected by their status. SPDs are likely to take the form of design guides, development briefs and issue or thematic based documents.


Stakeholders are an authority, organisation or business that has an interest in planning in the District (e.g. government department or agency).

Statutory Consultation

Consultation period in preparing a Local Plan as defined in Regulation 18 and 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. More information is available here:

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