Consultation draft Statement of Community Involvement

Ended on the 21 November 2014
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(1) 7. How to engage with the planning process

(3) 7.1 How to comment

7.2 With all consultations, it will be made clear what points we request comments on, to assist in responding to consultations. Full details of how to respond, the consultation period and all appropriate contact details will be made available as part of all notifications about individual consultations.

7.3 Comments should be submitted through the new Strategic Planning consultation portal, available via the Council's website ( Comments received may also be published on the consultation portal, enabling others to view existing responses. All users must register to use the consultation portal, and will then receive notifications of future consultations.

(1) 7.4 How we will respond to comments

7.5 The Council will acknowledge all representations received and will prepare a summary of representations, an analysis of the issues raised and a collective response to them for each consultation. A report will be made available on the website for each statutory consultation held. All comments received as part of a development plan document submission consultation (a statutory consultation stage) will be forwarded to the Inspector for consideration prior to an examination in public.

7.6 Consultations can influence the decisions taken by councillors, either with regard to the direction of planning policy documents, or a planning committee decision. However, for all planning decisions, both for plans and planning applications, community consultation is only one consideration, and the responses presented will be taken into account alongside other material considerations (such as national planning policy and guidance).

7.7 All registered users of the Strategic Planning consultation portal will be notified post consultation of future updates on planning documents and of relevant Council decisions.

7.8 Planning Aid

7.9 Planning Aid is a charitable organisation providing a national network of volunteers who give free, independent and professional advice and support to individuals and groups who cannot afford a planning consultant. They may be used to give help and advice to communities wishing to put forward their views at the start of the planning process or to respond to particular proposals. The contact details for Planning Aid are as follows: Planning Aid Service 0203 206 1880

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