Consultation draft Statement of Community Involvement

Ended on the 21 November 2014
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(1) 4. Who we consult

4.1 At statutory consultation stages, all members of the public, groups and organisations as well as businesses that have expressed an interest in future planning policy in the District will be notified of the consultation and invited to comment through the Council's website.

4.2 We have established an extensive database of interested parties which includes; stakeholders, statutory consultees, organisations and members of the public. We encourage any interested party or individual to register on our new Strategic Planning consultation portal in order to receive notification of future consultations.

4.3 The Council welcomes responses from all, but particularly encourages responses from the following;

Specific consultation bodies:

  • Central and local government (including neighbouring local authorities and other relevant authorities under duty to cooperate requirements)

  • The Secretary of State for Transport (in relation to the Secretary of State's functions with regard to highways)

  • Statutory consultees (see Appendix A)

  • Parish Councils, Town Councils and Parish Meetings within and adjacent to Harborough District

  • Infrastructure providers

  • Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

  • Police authorities operating within or adjacent to Leicestershire

The local community (a list of all local groups and organisations will be maintained on the Council�s website

  • residents and anyone with an interest in the District

  • Elected Mambers

  • Members of Parliament for the District

  • resident/community/civic societies and associations

  • special interest groups (environmental groups, nature conservation societies, sports clubs)

  • local businesses and business groups

  • charity and voluntary organisations

  • under-represented groups within the community (for example local Disability Groups, Religious groups, the Multi Agency Traveller Unit and Black and Minority Ethnic community groups)

The extended community:

  • landowners, developers and agents

  • registered social housing providers

  • national interest groups

  • general business and industry

  • housing bodies

  • transport bodies

(11) Question 1

Does the list above include all relevant consultees?
Please suggest any further groups or organisations you feel should be included.

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