Consultation draft Statement of Community Involvement

Ended on the 21st November 2014
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2. Democratic Process

2.1 Elected councillors are an important part of the planning process in terms of plan making and development management, both in making decisions and representing the views of the local community.

2.2 The Council has a total of 37 councillors representing 25 wards. Whilst not all councillors are on a panel or committee, they can make representations on behalf of the community prior to any decision being taken. All major planning applications are determined by Planning Committee, made up of selected councillors. The range and make up of these committees is outlined in more detail below;

Local Planning Executive Advisory Panel

  • Meeting of 7 councillors focussed on the work of the strategic planning team and make recommendations to the Executive

Planning Committee

  • Meeting of 12 councillors to determine planning applications


  • Meeting of 6 councillors to lead the community planning process and the search for best value with input and advice from Scrutiny. Also to lead the Council's policies and budget and implement the budget and policy framework

Full Council

  • Meeting of 37 councillors to lead the work of the Council process

2.3 The Local Planning Executive Advisory Panel was set up specifically to have closer involvement in the plan-making process. It considers matters concerning: evidence documents; consultation documents and draft Local Plan documents (prior to publication) and makes recommendations to the Council’s Executive. The outcomes of all consultations are reported to councillors to inform planning decision making. At statutory stages in the plan-making process (including in the preparation of the new Local Plan), decisions will be taken by a meeting of the Council’s Executive or by Full Council. This will include decisions to submit emerging development plan documents (such as the new Local Plan) to the Secretary of State for Examination or to adopt a development plan document

2.4 Further details of all Council committees and a calendar of meeting dates is available here:

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