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Ended on the 30 October 2015
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(1) 2. A Brief Portrait of Harborough District

18. Harborough is a very rural District in south Leicestershire, stretching from Leicester City to the Northamptonshire and Warwickshire borders. It is an attractive place to live, with attractive countryside and small towns and villages, and has seen an increase in population of 11.5% from 2001 to 2011 (where Leicestershire increased by 10.2% in total). The rural nature of the District means that many people rely on cars for transport, with over 88% of the population having access to at least one car. There are good north / south public transport links with a rail link from Market Harborough to London with half hourly trains.

19. The District is seen as a good place to raise a family and the Census data (2011) shows an increase of 11% in school children aged 5 -17 since 2001. However, there is also a growing population of older people and the percentage of older people is higher than the national average. The price of housing in the District is high, exacerbated by the much higher than average number of detached homes and lower than average number of flats and terrace homes.

20. Many of the residents within the District have professional jobs and there is a significant amount of out-commuting. Unemployment is low, but those living and working in Harborough District have a lower average salary than those commuting as well as a lower skills base. This also contributes to the unaffordability of homes.

21. If you would like to read more about Harborough District, a fuller version of this Portrait is available via the link in the background documents box below.

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