Open Spaces Strategy

Ended on the 2 October 2015
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(1) Chapter 21 Aim 7. Ensure that open spaces support health and wellbeing of local people


21.1. Open Space provide places for people to enjoy recreational activities and exercise that contribute towards their health and wellbeing.

21.2. Activities can range from freely determined play to organised sport. They can also involve more passive recreation, and perhaps just a place to sit and contemplate.

21.3. They also provide a place that allows people of all ages to meet. This contributes to community cohesion and social integration, and supports an increased sense of belonging to an area as well as closer neighbourhood ties.

21.4. Poor air quality, urban heat and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle among today's population are frequently linked to problems of ill health. In particular, they have been found to contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and increasing levels of obesity in adults and children. By providing spaces for physical exercise and contributing to better air quality, green spaces help to counteract such health problems.

21.5. The aesthetic benefit of having green space around you can have a positive effect by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and alleviating cognitive disorders and attention deficit disorder. Being able to not only to relax, but also to exercise outdoors in green areas, contributes to better mental health and well-being.

21.6. What has been achieved since 2009:

Harborough Walking Group

Welland Park Gym

Table Tennis

Tennis Court renovation 2012

Support for sport clubs (HTFC, MHRFC)

Others to be added

(1) 21.7 Objective 22: Promote activities for open spaces use that are linked to health benefits

Actions to achieve this objective

  • Continue to provide open spaces suitable for organised sport

  • Leisure team continue to monitor the number of persons taking regular exercise

  • Continue to provide areas for children's play

  • Work with Partners and landowners to create a network of greenways that allow walking and cycling , either for leisure or commuting

  • Continue to provide advice and support for community groups and individuals who want to promote health and wellbeing activities and facilitate use of open spaces for these activities where possible

21.8 Objective 23: Increase provision of 'green gyms' for all ages

Actions to achieve this objective

  • Provide additional space for outdoor gyms and activities that support older people to exercise

  • Work with partners and community groups to provide green gyms where appropriate

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