Open Spaces Strategy

Ended on the 2 October 2015
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(1) Chapter 19 Aim 5: Deliver value for money services when managing open space


19.1. Open Space costs money to maintain. To meet the minimum obligations as an open space owner, the District Council will always need to spend money on its maintenance obligations. To fulfil the communities aspiration to provide good quality open space that is available for everyone additional money will need to be spent on behalf of communities.

19.2. This is not to suggest that money should be wasted, and teams must ensure that open space and its associated maintenance delivers good value for money.

19.3. The value of open space cannot, however, be measured in purely financial terms. There is much social capital that is associated with open space provision and this must be recognised when assessing whether open space delivers value for money.

19.4. A competitively tendered grounds maintenance contract is vital when delivering a value for money service. The current Integrated Contract is being re-tendered in 2016, with the current Grounds Maintenance contract offering exceptional value for money given the current specifications.

19.5. It will be important for the District Council to consider the level of quality that is required from a new Grounds Maintenance contract and write specifications accordingly. The specification may not be the same across all open spaces, but a targeted approach may need to be used with some open space receiving less maintenance than high priority areas.

19.6. What has been achieved since 2009:

2009 Grounds Maintenance Contract delivering very good value for money

2016 Grounds Maintenance Contract being prepared and tendered.

Cost reductions within Grounds Maintenance contract in 2012,13,14

19.7 Objective 16: To deliver an appropriate level of Grounds Maintenance service, recognising the usage and profile of an open space.

Actions to achieve this objective

  • Re-tender the Grounds Maintenance contact with appropriate specifications and Bill of Quantities

  • Ensure that an appropriate Grounds Maintenance specification is written to allow a differentiation of service level between different typologies or locations of open space.

  • Prioritise resources to those open spaces that are most used or have the highest profile.

19.8 Objective 17: Periodically review provision of landscape features and amenities available on open spaces

Actions to achieve this objective

  • Periodically undertake a cost of maintenance and benefit of provision analysis of landscape features and other amenities provided on open space to assess whether they are still appropriate and offer value for money

  • Use the results of the cost and benefit analysis to determine whether existing landscape features and amenities should be removed, repaired, re-modelled or be subject to alternative management when assessing available budgets.

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