Open Spaces Strategy

Ended on the 2nd October 2015
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Chapter 11 Future Management Proposals for Open Space in Harborough District

11.1. Harborough District Council will continue to take opportunities to work in partnership with others to ensure that high quality open spaces are provided for the community in the most cost effective for the benefit of the community.

11.2. Harborough District Council will work proactively to ensure that all Parish Councils and other partner organisation are enabled to have the knowledge and skills to manage open space with confidence. This may be achieved through training or knowledge sharing, or through Parish Councils grouping together to benefit from mutual support. Harborough District Council will help to facilitate this approach towards open spaces management.

(3) 11.3. New Open Space

11.3.1. The Council will encourage the local management of green spaces wherever possible. Parish Councils are generally best placed to adopt land which primarily serves the local community, and the opportunity to adopt such land should be given to the Parish Council in the first instance.

11.3.2. Harborough District Council will continue to adopt new public green spaces which have a strategic value i.e. will attract visitors from across the District and beyond, unless it specifically recommends that another body is better placed to manage the site. The District Council will consider adopting open spaces which do not fall into the category of Strategic Open Space but will not be compelled to do so.

11.3.3. The decision to adopt Open Space will be made in accordance with relevant Harborough District Council Policy. The protocol for adoption of open space by HDC will be developed and approved as an appendix to the Strategy when adopted.

11.3.4. The adoption of Open Space will be accompanied by the appropriate commuted sum for a 30 year maintenance period, details of which can be found in the document Provision for Open Space Sport and Recreation (Appendix I).

11.3.5. If the District or Parish Council's decline to adopt new green spaces, Management Companies will be permitted to be formed where developments provide open spaces (i.e. only of value to local residents). The basis for setting up such companies will be determined by the Council's Planning and Legal department and robust controls will be put in place as part of the S106 agreement and /or planning conditions.

(1) 11.4. Existing Open Space

11.4.1. Harborough District Council will take advantage of opportunities that become available to allow local management of open space through licence or lease arrangements or by Parish Councils and others working in partnership.

11.4.2. Licence agreements of up to 5 years will be determined on application of appropriate groups.

11.4.3. Lease agreements are considered a disposal of land and will follow legislation set out in Local Government Act 1972.

11.4.4. The protocol for issuing licence and lease agreements of open space by HDC will be developed and approved as an appendix to the Strategy when adopted.

(1) 11.5. HDC support for other organisations

11.5.1. Harborough District Council will continue to support Parish Councils, charitable organisations, Trusts and others that seek to manage or improve open space in Harborough District.

11.5.2. Harborough District Council will investigate the opportunities to provide additional resources to Parish Councils. It is envisaged this will be a time limited resource that can help build capacity and a knowledge base within Parish Council to locally manage open space.

11.5.3. Other support will be in the form of advice, feedback, facilitation and attendance at meetings, where possible.

11.5.4. Financial support to organisations by the Council will be subject to the HDC Funding Allocation process.

11.5.5. HDC will seek to support organisations through acquiring S106 contributions from developers where appropriate projects have been identified by partner organisation or communities.

11.5.6. Where contributions have been secured through S106 or other contributions for a specific project, an application will need to be made by the partner organisation through the HDC Funding Allocation process for audit purposes.

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