Open Spaces Strategy

Ended on the 2nd October 2015
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Chapter 9 Current Management Arrangements and Partnerships

9.1. Harborough District Council has sought to provide open spaces that meet the needs of the community, and are maintained through a high specification grounds maintenance contract.

9.2. The Council has also sought to work with partner organisations to deliver provision of open spaces of all typologies for the benefit of the community. The Council will continue to seek opportunities to work in partnership with Parish Councils and others to ensure that open space, both new and existing, is managed by the most appropriate locally accountable organisation.

9.3. Lease arrangements with other organisations

9.3.1. The Council encourages local communities to take responsibility for their open spaces and ancillary facilities whenever appropriate. ( Open Spaces Strategy 2009) This means that the Council has a mix of different service delivery methods including directly managed sites, volunteer managed areas and sites which are leased to community organisations. Details of the Council’s lease arrangement with other organisations are included in Appendix N.

(1) 9.4. Arrangements for maintaining Open Space not in HDC control

9.4.1. Responsibility for these Open Spaces across the District lies with a number of organisations. Parish Councils and Housing Associations maintain green spaces in their local areas. There are a few green spaces maintained by management companies, and there are private land owners and sports clubs that manage and maintain large facilities throughout the District.

9.4.2. The management and maintenance of roadside verges is generally undertaken by Leicestershire County Council.

9.4.3. In addition to the above there are many other sites that are maintained or managed in partnership with landowners by trust, charities and other organisations. These organisations include:

  • Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • Stepping Stones

  • Canal and Rivers Trust

  • Welland Rivers trust and Welland Valley Partnership

  • Woodland Trust

  • Leicestershire and Leicester Access Forum

A list of these sites can be found at Appendix P.

9.4.4. Private companies, clubs and other landowners are responsible for many open space, sport and recreation sites across the District.

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