Planning Obligations SPD

Ended on the 30th September 2015
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Chapter 12: Broadband Connectivity

12.1. The Core Strategy prepared in 2009-2011 did not refer to broadband provision. The Council wishes to update policy on broadband provision in new development through the review of the Local Plan and is exploring the case for ensuring all new homes have access to superfast broadband provision. There is an expectation that in terms of future connectivity, fibre to the premises (FTTP) should be available in all new housing, not too dissimilar to the expectation that each home be fitted with a built-in telephone line.

12.2. Superfast broadband requires specialist network infrastructure from communication companies such as OpenReach and there is a national rollout programme taking place to increase the availability of fibre optic cabling which helps provide maximum broadband speeds. The Council is examining how planning obligations might be made where needed to extend the availability of such connectivity into new development more quickly than would otherwise be.

12.3. The Council will expect that all new development will be made superfast-broadband ‘ready’, which will enable immediate connection if superfast broadband is available, or easy connectivity later, if not.

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