Planning Obligations SPD

Ended on the 30th September 2015
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Chapter 11: Sustainable Drainage

11.1. New development will be required to incorporate appropriate systems for dealing with surface water drainage (Core Strategy policy CS10 (g)) Sustainable drainage systems allow for the holding of surface water caused by rain etc in pools or lakes on the development site itself and therefore reduce the level of water being discharged into rivers and the consequent risk of localised flooding. Leicestershire County Council is the lead Local Flood Authority and will be consulted on applications in the same way as the County Council is consulted on Highway matters.

11.2. The County Council will provide advice on which the District Council as local planning authority has to act. The County Council will prepare conditions for the LPA to attach to planning applications. It is unlikely that a planning obligation will be necessary to ensure delivery of the drainage systems since the conditions will require subsequent discharging based on approval of the design of drainage systems without which the development cannot proceed.

11.3. The District Council will have to ensure that their conditions are in place and can be legally upheld for ongoing maintenance, inspection, implementation and enforcement.

11.4. The County Council are preparing a Sustainable Drainage Guide . The District Council wishes to adopt the Guide as part of the SPD to inform developers and recognise the County Council standards as a unified standard for Leicestershire which should apply in Harborough District.

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