Planning Obligations SPD

Ended on the 30 September 2015
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Chapter 1: Preamble: Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document Consultation.

1.1 We are seeking your views on Harborough’s draft Supplementary Planning Document which will assist both developers and the community in understanding what is required, and when from development. The consultation runs from 15th July to 30th September 2015.

(3) Question 1

Is the document clear enough? If no, please suggest improvements.

(3) Question 2

Do you think the document covers the priorities for planning obligations arising from development? If no, what alternatives do you propose? Are there matters which should not be included within the SPD? If yes, please specify.

(6) Question 3

Does the draft SPD comply with the requirements of national planning policy, guidance and relevant regulations such as the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations? If no please explain which aspects are not in compliance and why?

(4) Question 4

Does the draft document provide the required level of clarity to explain which types of development will be expected to make planning obligations ?

(4) Question 5

Is it clear to you how the Council will seek obligations based on specific amounts per dwelling to support relevant community infrastructure from appropriate sites?

(2) Question 6

What other matters, if any, should be included within this SPD?

(4) Question 7

Can we simplify and improve the presentation of this SPD, to make it more accessible to people not directly involved in the planning system?

1.2 Do you have any other comments about the content of this SPD? Please make your comments as clearly and concisely as possible. For instance, if you are referring to any particular text, please state the relevant paragraph number. The comments will be registered and acknowledged and will then be carefully considered in preparing the final document to go forward for consideration and adoption by the Harborough District Council. A summary of the comments received and officer response will be reported to the Local Planning Advisory Panel and Executive in due course.

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