Open Spaces Strategy First Stage Issues Consultation

Ended on the 13 April 2015
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Chapter 4 PART 1: Purpose and format of the Open Spaces Strategy

4.1 The 2011 strategy was planned to be a working document to be updated periodically to reflect the changing needs of the community, and differing pressure and priorities for open space including climate change and sustainability.

4.2 The vision of the Open Spaces Strategy 2011 is:

To provide quality open space that is what the community wants and is valued and enjoyed by everyone

(3) Question: Do you have any comments to make on the existing vision for the Open Spaces Strategy and how can this be improved to make it more relevant?

4.3 When the updated Open Spaces Strategy is adopted it will form the basis of open space planning and management within the District, helping to give confidence to the community that:

  • valued open space will be protected,
  • new open space will be provided in the future
  • existing habitats will be protected and new opportunities for habitat creation realised
  • partnerships will be formed with communities to allow community management of open space where appropriate

4.4 The development of a robust Open Spaces Strategy will ensure that Harborough District Council Corporate Priorities are being supported by its environmental assets.

4.5 The vision for Harborough District is:

Working with communities in a vibrant, safe and prosperous district.

4.6 Corporate Priorities are:

  • Working with Communities to develop places in which to live and be happy.
  • Provide public services which are effective and deliver value for money.
  • Encourage a vibrant and sustainable business community intent on prosperity, employment and learning opportunities.
  • Support the vulnerable in the communities where they live.

4.7 The Revised Open Spaces Strategy is proposed to be a Strategic Level document; It will be supported by, and in turn support, the Corporate Priorities and Policies, Countywide Policy and initiatives, and National Policy.

4.8 It is not proposed that the Open Spaces Strategy will give detailed management proposals, but broad principals of use, development and planning for new open space.

4.9 The context for the Open Spaces Strategy with wider policy is shown in diagram 1.

4.10 Diagram 1

Diagram 1

4.11 The new Open Spaces Strategy is proposed to have a series of key aims. These should be aligned to the Corporate Priorities of the Council and demonstrate support for partner organisations.

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