Open Spaces Strategy First Stage Issues Consultation

Ended on the 13 April 2015
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Chapter 14 Monitoring and Review

14.1 Intended Outcomes

  • To develop a framework for monitoring that will be relevant and not onerous
  • To determine when the Open Spaces Strategy should be reviewed


14.2 The policies and delivery mechanisms of Open Spaces Strategy will need to be monitored to ensure that the aspirations of the community are being delivered on the ground.

14.3 It is proposed that key performance indicators are developed in conjunction with officers that are responsible for delivery of the Open Space Strategy aims, to ensure that delivery of the Strategy through management and maintenance plans is successful.

(1) 14.4 The key performance indicators should be SMART and be either information that is currently collected by officers or closely aligned to that information. This will ensure that the monitoring of delivery does not become onerous.

14.5 It is proposed that a mechanism for monitoring will be determined through consultation and views are sought on the best way to monitor delivery of the strategy.

(4) Question: Do you have further comments to make with regard to monitoring the delivery of the Open Spaces Strategy?

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