Open Spaces Strategy First Stage Issues Consultation

Ended on the 13th April 2015
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Chapter 8 Open Space in Harborough District - Background and Benefits of Open Space

8.1 Intended outcomes

  • To ‘set the scene’ for open space in Harborough District
  • To demonstrate how open space contributes towards the corporate priorities of Harborough District Council.
  • To demonstrate how open space contributes towards the Leicestershire Together priorities
  • To demonstrate the benefits of Open Space for residents, wildlife and conservation, health, business and the economy


(2) 8.2 Open spaces give opportunities for informal, self determined recreation in addition to structured team and individual sport. They also provide areas for quiet contemplation and an important visual amenity for residents and visitors.

(1) 8.3 The benefits of a healthy population are many, and have an obvious and direct impact on the NHS. Open Spaces have an important role to play in this respect by providing a venue for healthy activity, events and organised sports.

(1) 8.4 Harborough District Council will develop an Open Spaces Strategy that allows opportunities to use open spaces that will contribute towards health promotion. The Open Spaces Strategy will inform the Council’s new Playing Pitch Strategy to further strengthen the role that open spaces play in health and wellbeing of the community.

(1) 8.5 Parks, recreation grounds and other open spaces are recognised as an important habitat which supports flora and fauna. Policies will be adopted that allow for existing habitat to be protected and new habitat created.

8.6 We will develop policies that allow officers to work with communities and other professionals to ensure opportunities are realised for habitat creation and partnership working where appropriate.

(2) 8.7 Open Spaces play an important role in mitigation against flood. This consultation for the Open Spaces Strategy will engage stakeholders and partners involved with flood prevention and mitigation to ensure that this important issue is addressed through good open space planning and maintenance.

(1) 8.8 The strategy will create a framework for continuous community engagement. It will develop visions and objectives for each typology of open space which have been drawn up with stakeholder departments, external organisations, local residents, Park ‘Friends’ Groups and community associations to facilitate wider acceptance and ownership.

8.9 The open spaces strategy will demonstrate that it supports the relevant themes that are captured in the Leicestershire Together priority outcomes. These can be found listed in 12.4 below.

(1) 8.10 The open spaces strategy will also demonstrate that it supports the corporate vision and priorities below

8.11 HDC Vision

‘Working with communities in a vibrant, safe and prosperous district.’

8.12 HDC Corporate Priorities

  • Working with Communities to develop places in which to live and be happy.
  • Provide public services which are effective and deliver value for money.
  • Encourage a vibrant and sustainable business community intent on prosperity, employment and learning opportunities.
  • Support the vulnerable in the communities where they live
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