New Local Plan Options - Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report

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New Local Plan Options - Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report

Sections 1-19, Appendix A, Appendix B

Representation ID: 4775

Received: 27/10/2015

Respondent: Natural England

Representation Summary:

We note the conclusions of the Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report in relation to the 9 options for housing locations and employment. Our concerns about the Lutterworth Strategic Development Area (SDA) in view of its potential impact on Misterton Marshes SSSI are as follows:
Natural England would like to raise serious concerns about the potential Strategic Development Area at Lutterworth given its proximity to Misterton Marshes SSSI. It is highly likely that large-scale residential and associated development in this area would have significant hydrological and other impacts on the SSSI, including human footfall, which could damage or destroy the interest features for which it is notified.

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