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Q3. Which Housing and Employment Option(s) do you favour? You can select a single option, a number of options or suggest a new option. You can also tell us which options you don't like.

Representation ID: 4380

Received: 28/10/2015

Respondent: Highways England

Representation Summary:

Highways England has conducted a high level review of the nine options. Options 6, 8 and 9 identify Lutterworth as a Strategic Development Area (SDA). Highways England considers that the scale of this development growth and its proximity to the A5 and M1 junctions 19 and 20 has the potential to impact upon the operation of the SRN. This is reflected in "Settlement Sections" which states that these options have the potential to impact on the M1.
There is also potential for the other options to impact upon the performance of the SRN.

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